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Careers & Opportunities At Docherty's Midland Coaches

Join the team at our base in Auchterarder, Perthshire

Docherty’s Midland Coaches has come a long way since the one-man, one-bus operation of the late 1940s, with our staff complement now in the region of 50.

We rely on a range of full and part-time employees – with many of them staying with us for years. Our longest-serving member of staff has been on board for nearly 40 years, so we must be doing something right!

Our drivers, of both sexes, hail from all manner of backgrounds, trades and professions, with flexibility a key component in diverse employment packages.

Strict insurance demands mean our youngest drivers are in their mid-twenties but opportunities can also arise within our in-house team of mechanics.

Hours can be tailored to individual requirements, with everything from daily school runs to week-long road trips on the table.

And with safety given top priority, our fully qualified drivers undergo annual, professional-led refresher courses.

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